Socialist Korea-Genuine Country of People

The happy looks of the Korean people who are leading a worthwhile life in the most advantageous people-centred socialist system in the world have left deep impression on foreign friends.

Vadim Kudimin, head of the delegation of the Russian Institute of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, said:

 “In the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea all the working people learn and work according to their choice and aptitudes and live free from worry.

 “It has adopted it as the essence of politics and an inviolable state policy to provide its people with every right to enjoy on the highest level.

 “It is really surprising that popular policies have been enforced continuously even under the decades-long harsh sanctions and blockade.

 “I really envy the Korean people who have maintained their dignity under the most advantageous socialist system.

 “Socialist Korea is the true world of the people, a country of the people.”

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