Kim Jong Un Is Strong Man-typed Leader

The international community is raising the voice of admiration for Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Bangladesh newspaper Daily Folk said as follows:
H.E. Kim Jong Un is a strong man-typed leader with strong faith, courage and independent stand.

He regards sovereignty as his lifeblood and never tolerates the high-handedness and arbitrariness of big powers.

The reason why the DPRK demonstrates its dignity as a strong-willed nation and independent power, speaking what it has to say in a dignified manner on the international arena, can be attributed to its leader after all.

The future of the DPRK is promising as it will make an inroad into the international arena as a more prosperous nation under the guidance of H.E. Kim Jong Un.

Various countries including Russia, Nigeria, Belarus, Cambodia and Equatorial Guinea praise the DPRK leader, who is demonstrating to the world the might of the country, as the “great and commendable leader”, “statesman of strong personality”, “man loving the future”, “popular statesman with warm humanity” and “leader who builds up the power of the DPRK tremendously”.

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