Two Pistols and Korean People’s Revolutionary Army

There is a story of two pistols when Korean revolution was going to start.

At that time Mr. Kim Hyong Jik father of President Kim Il Sung and also an outstanding leader of the anti-Japanese national liberation movement gave two pistols to his wife Mrs. Kang Pan Sok in the last period of his life and told her to hand over them to his son when he began his revolution.

In February Juche17(1928), Mother Kang Pan Sok showed them to the President and said that there would be a time when he wanted pistols his father had left and that he should achieve national liberation with them though his father had failed.

The President founded the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, the then Anti-Japanese People’s Guerilla on April 25 Juche 21(1932) with these pistols as the source and achieved the historical cause of Korean revolution.

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