Meeting Held in Remembrance of Chairman Kim Jong Il in China

On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the demise of Chairman Kim Jong Il families related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle got together for a remembrance meeting in China on December 12.

The participants laid  flower  baskets and bouquets at the beaming images of  President   Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and made bows to them.

Speeches were made at the meeting. Yu Ming, son of Ri Jae Dok, Zhou Wei, daughter of Zhou Baozhong, and Shang Shaowei, son of Shang Yue, said that their yearning for the Chairman gets more intense every December and that he showed warm and benevolent affection to those related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle in his lifetime, and referred to the immortal exploits he performed for the well-being of the Korean people and the strengthening and development of the DPRK-China friendship.

Zhang Jinlu, daughter of Zhang Weihua, Feng Songguang, son of Feng Zhongyun, and Wang Min, son of Wang Xiaoming, praised Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who carries forward the noble intentions of the great leaders, for wisely leading the Korean people to achieve brilliant successes in economic construction, improvement of their livelihood and diplomacy.

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