Exhibitions Held in Celebration of 70th Birthday of the DPRK

A Central Photo Exhibition and National Fine Art Exhibition were held in celebration of the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK.

On display at the events were the photos and works of art that bear the images of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who founded the DPRK and led it to victory and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who opens up a new era of building a socialist power with outstanding and seasoned leadership, showing the immortal exploits for state building of the great leaders and the great personality traits of the Supreme Leader.

Also seen there were the works that give a vivid portrayal of the immortal patriotic devotion of the peerlessly great men marked in the course of the development of Juche Korea and proud achievements the Korean people have made in all stages of socialist construction by carrying on the tradition of heroic struggle and collective innovation.

Looking round the exhibitions, the visitors were deeply impressed by the photos and art works showing the greatness of the Supreme Leader who brilliantly realizes the patriotic desire of the great leaders for building a powerful nation and the proud features of the DPRK which has advanced along the road of victory and glory under the wise leadership of the Party.

On show at the Korean Stamp Exhibition were hundreds of kinds of Korean stamps and bills that reflect the proud 70-year history of the DPRK which has won victory after victory under the wise leadership of the peerlessly great men, under the title of “The Glorious Country”.

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