For People’s Happiness (1)

On December 4, 2011, despite the biting cold, Kim Jong Il visited the Kaeson Youth Park.

His Pleasure

The General was greeted at the amusement park by officials, and asked them if it was all right to switch on the amusements.

An official replied, “Yes, sir. When you were here on May 25 last year, the foundations of the chairoplane were shaky. It could not be operated as they were being built up. You said that you would come again when it was running normally. Today you have kept the promise.”

The General said that he was there to learn about the maintenance and operation of the amusement park of the Kaeson Youth Park, underlining that they should work harder to provide the people with a happy life to be envied by the world.

Then he inquired about the details one by one, and another official told him that the amusements had been in normal operation so far and the public catering service network, including the bakery, was prospering.

The General beamed with pleasure and, while moving towards the amusements, he asked one question after another–Do the people like them; has there been any accident; how much are the fees for the amusements. …

An official said in a choking voice, “We are grateful to you for re-visiting this amusement park to ensure the people a happy life.”

The General said:

“The senior official of the Taesongsan Guidance Bureau says that he is grateful to me for re-visiting the amusement park of the Kaeson Youth Park on this cold Sunday, and it is my pleasure to ensure the people a happy life.”

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