Anecdote about Great Man on His Birthday 2

Tears of the Cook

February 16 Juche 43(1954) was the first birthday of Chairman Kim Jong Il after war.

Before leaving for school early that morning, he happened to open his lunch box. Boiled white rice was in it. He went straight to the kitchen and gave the lunch box back to the woman cook, saying he should eat rice boiled with minor cereals like all other classmates.

But how could I get you to have minor cereals on your birthday?”

The woman felt perplexed. Young Kim Jong Il said that though he was grateful for her sincerity, he would feel at ease when he ate rice boiled with corn like others, and asked her to put boiled rice mixed with minor cereals in the lunch box.

The woman had no choice but to pack the lunch box as he told, shedding tears.

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