Pothong River Tells Great History of Love for People

The Pothong River loved by Pyongyang citizens of the DPRK is a historic one associated with the ennobling love of the peerlessly great men for the people.

It was once called the river of grudge, disaster and tear before Korea’s liberation, as even a little rain used to cause flood, carrying away rice paddies and dry fields and taking many lives.

President Kim Il Sung initiated a gigantic nature-harnessing project in May Juche 35(1946) to free the people completely from natural disasters and guided energetically to complete the Pothong River improvement work in a short period of only 55 days.

A nearly 10-kilometre-long canal was built at the site of the river and a recreation ground covering some 300 hectares was built along the river.

Chairman Kim Jong Il saw to it that such monumental structures as the Changgwang Health Complex, Chongnyu Restaurant, Ice Rink, Pyongyang Indoor Stadium, People’s Palace of Culture, Pothonggang Department Store and Chollima, Ragwon and Mansudae streets were built to provide Pyongyang citizens with better living.

The history of loving the people shining along with the river goes on thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Thanks to his benevolent affection, dredging of the river and embankment work were rounded off in a short span of time, and cultural recreation areas and modern buildings were built splendidly, including the Samjiyon Orchestra Theatre.

The changes brought about on the banks of the Pothong River show the history of great affection of the peerlessly great men who spared nothing and devoted their all to promoting the people’s well-being.

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