First Meaningful Request

It happened when Chairman Kim Jong Il began his work at the Party Central Committee.

One day, the Chairman called at the office of an official of the Party Central Committee and requested him to let him know by all means if anyone comes to see him, saying he was ready to meet him at any time.

The official did not realize why the Chairman had made such a request.

Later at a midnight, the Chairman called at his office again.

Saying that Party officials should be glad to see Party members come voluntarily and present their opinions, the Chairman stressed that he was very glad to see them come voluntarily and speak what they truly intended. Having heard him, the official could realize even a little what the Chairman meant for his first request.

First request of the great man!

It is a manifestation of his steadfast intention to convert the Party work into the work truly for the masses of the people and the work that relies on them.

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