For People’s Happiness (5)

On December 4, 2011, despite the biting cold, Kim Jong Il visited the Kaeson Youth Park.

Pastry Stall

Now the General arrived at the pastry stall. It was a movable structure with wheels on the four corners of the bottom.

He was greeted by a salesgirl and, looking into the stall, asked her if the people liked pastries.

On the right of the rack was a rectangular tray with over 20 pastries and on the left, a small oven for baking them.

She replied that they liked the food very much.

The officials of the park said in a similar vein, stressing that it was in great demand.

The General said, “You say that the people are sorry to leave the movable pastry stall as they love buying pastries at it. It is good.”

Then he looked carefully at the salesgirls and said that they would feel cold as they were in flimsy dress. He asked one of them if she was not cold in the stall.

The girl said no in a pleasing voice.

He noted that he was relieved to hear that the salesgirls were not cold as they were standing beside the hot oven for baking pastries.

Then he read the cooking instructions at the stall and asked the price. After that, he said goodbye to the girls and left it.

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