“I am Glad”

On February 10, Juche 89 (2000), Chairman Kim Jong Il saw an art performance of the students of Kumsong Secondary School No.1 and met the young entertainers.
While inquiring their names and ages one by one, he asked one of them warmly:
“What is your father doing?”
“He works at a factory.”
The Chairman asked the same question to another student.
“My father is a worker, too.”
The third, fourth and fifth students gave him the same answer: “My father, too.”
“It’s amazing. They all are the children of workers.”
He beamed when he said.
“I am glad, above all, the children of workers are growing up into talented artists.”
It was the joy of the Chairman.
The benevolent look of the Chairman who was so pleased to see the lovely children of workers grow up into talented artists of the country that he wore a big sunny smile on his face, it was really an impressive picture showing the intrinsic superiority of the people-centred socialist system of the country where the working masses are the masters of state and society.

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