Participants in Meeting of BD and General Assembly of Members of KKF Visit Mangyongdae

The participants in the 2nd meeting of the Board of Directors and general assembly of members of the 

Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation visited President Kim Il Sung’s birthplace at Mangyongdae with fervent yearning for him.

They looked round with deep emotion the historical relics preserved in the old home, hearing the impressive stories associated with it.

They posed for a photograph in front of the President’s birthplace, before seeing round the historical objects on Mangyong Hill.

After visiting Mangyongdae

Keith Bennett, vice-chairman of the KKF BD, said:
“The President’s native home at Mangyongdae is a historic place.  Whenever I come here, I can hardly control reverence for him welling up in my mind. He was born in this plain, straw-thatched house, grew up to be a revolutionary and performed great exploits for the cause of global independence as well as the Korean revolution.
“His family members were also patriots who devoted their all to the country’s liberation and independence.
“Indeed, his birthplace is a centre for revolutionary education which should be passed on forever down through generations.”

Kim Ok Hwa, director of the KKF BD, said:
that President Kim Il Sung is the benefactor of national resurrection and greatest man, who liberated the country from Japanese military rule and ensured all the people in the homeland enjoy proud and worthwhile life. It is thanks to his great leadership that our country can demonstrate its might as a great power as of today.

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