Event of Global Significance

Since the inter-Korean summit in late April, Panmunjom has become the focus of international attention as world media splashed the event.

The news about the summit meeting and talks, plus pictures of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, hit the headlines of media outlets in many countries including China, Russia, Qatar, the UAE, Finland, Brazil, South Africa, India, Kazakhstan, France, Nepal, Belarus, the UK, the US and Japan.

Here are some headlines: “Historic talks”, “Kim Jong Un is first north Korean leader to cross the demarcation line”, “Kim Jong Un opens up a new chapter of inter-Korean relations”, “Panmunjom Declaration adopted for peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula” and “Kim Jong Un brings a great gift to mankind.”

This means the inter-Korean summit meeting and talks is an event of global significance beyond the Korean nation and the Panmunjom declaration is a great gift for peace-loving mankind.

And it also reflects the international community’s appreciation of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

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