Impressive Sight in a Country Road

One day in summer in Juche 51(1962) the driver did not feel quite well as he started driving with President Kim Il Sung on the car who had stayed up all night for a few days.

When his car went beyond the Pyongyang city and entered a road that stretched across the vast field, a “Phungnyon” bulldozer had been running ahead raising a cloud of dust.

He drove the car slowly and blew its horn several times in order to overtake the bulldozer, but it did not move aside.

The President prevented him from being impatient to make another sound, saying that the bulldozer was likely to roll down into the waterway apart from the road. He told the driver to follow it slowly and overtake it on the main road.

After a while, the bulldozer stopped aside on the main road and the driver got off regrettably.

The President looked at him out of the car window and smiled at him.

That moment, he realized the President and shed his warm tears.

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