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On the occasion of the Day of the Sun, a holiday common to humankind, political and public figures of various countries around the world and overseas Koreans visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, a supreme temple of Juche where President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il lie in state, to pay their respects as well as the Board of Directors of the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation (KKF) to show their sincerity to an ennobling undertaking for holding the great leaders in high esteem as the eternal Sun of Juche.

Kim Ok Hwa, a director of the Board of Directors of the KKF, and her party visited Pyongyang to mark the Day of the Sun.

They laid a basket of flowers at the statues of the President and the Chairman on Mansu Hill and made a deep bow to them.

She said that she visited the homeland every year to see the benevolent father of all the people with the yearning for him growing more with the passage of time, adding she could not repress her surging emotion after seeing the great leaders in their original state in Pyongyang at a time when a new heyday of the DPRK-China friendship is ushered in.

During their visit to various places, the director and her party were deeply moved by the reality of the homeland, in which the people’s dreams and ideals are translated into reality under the leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

They conveyed floral baskets to a relevant official in hopes of good health of the Supreme Leader.

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