Celebration Events Held Worldwide

While preparatory committees for celebrating the Day of the Shining Star were formed worldwide, a variety of political and cultural events took place in Luxemburg, Belgium, Spain, Algeria, France, Guinea, Libya, Thailand, Russia, Italy, Mongolia, Austria, Slovakia, Congo, Nigeria, Syria, Indonesia, Germany, Britain, Pakistan, Nepal, Romania, Kuwait, Norway, Island, Egypt, Belarus, Finland, Bangladesh, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Benin, India, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Displayed at venues of events were works of President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, books and photos that introduce the achievements made by the Korean people in their efforts to build a socialist power.

Visitors applauded Chairman Kim Jong Il’s undying exploits in strengthening the Korean Party, government and military on the basis of the Juche idea and in carrying out the mankind’s cause of independence.

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