Benevolent Care

It happened on May 23, Juche 53(1964).

The car carrying Chairman Kim Jong Il was heading downhill to a farm village in Jungsan County.

The Chairman stopped the car and called the schoolchildren, who were going to school in new school uniform, to him.

Looking at each of them standing around him, he was so pleased to see that their uniforms fitted them well and their colours and styles were good. Finally, his eyes rested on a schoolgirl, who was standing behind others.

Only she was wearing the old uniform.

She was shy and dropped her head.

The Chairman affectionately asked her why she was wearing the old uniform.

After hesitating for some time, she answered that she was too tall to choose the uniform of her size.

“You have no uniform of your size,” he said to himself, and stood in silence for a while.

And he patted her on the back before getting in the car.

The schoolgirl did not know what worried him at the time.

Soon afterwards a government step was taken to send tailors to schools to measure the students for uniform.

And from the year after all students were supplied with uniforms of the right sizes.

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