‘The Name of the Sun Will Be Immortal’

The name of President Kim Il Sung as the Sun is engraved on the heart of the world’s progressives along with the undying exploits performed by the peerlessly great man.

It can be seen in the congratulatory messages and letters from many public figures in different countries of the world.

The chairman of the Russian Association for the Study of the Juche Idea said:

 “April 15 is an auspicious day when President Kim Il Sung was born and the progressive people celebrates the Day of the Sun with great excitement and joy.

 “He is a great model of revolutionaries who dedicated his all to independence, national liberation and socialism.

 “The history of his revolutionary activities is a sacred one during which he created the Juche idea and led the revolution to continuous victory.

 “The feats the great patriot had performed will be passed on generation after generations and his august name will be remembered forever.”

The chairman of the Pakistan Association for the Study of Self-Reliance said President Kim Il Sung repulsed foreign invasion and intervention and built the DPRK into an invincible socialist state under the banner of independence.

He is a peerlessly great man who contributed greatly to accomplishing the cause of independence of the progressive humankind fighting to achieve justice and peace in the world, he noted.

He expressed the belief that the Korean people would make more fresh achievements in their efforts to build a socialist power under the leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un true to the behests of the President.

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