Witty Answer Given to Americans

In April Juche 83(1994) President Kim Il Sung met with many foreign guests including former heads of state and government and politicians. Among them were Americans.

The Americans requested the President to pay a visit to their country.

“You may receive warm welcome if you come to the United States,” one of the Americans said.

“It is possible once the relationship between the two countries are improved,” the President said.

Pleased with his positive answer, another American asked: “What are you going to do in our country?” It was an awkward question.

But the President was quick to reply that he’d like to make friends and go fishing and hunting.

The Americans were puzzled.

They wondered if the President was serious about what he said. His best things of interest in the United States are only to go fishing and hunting. So he seems to regard the United States no more than tourist destinations like Switzerland or the Bahamas…
The stiff-necked Americans felt baffled.

His remarks were so plain and meaningful that the abashed Americans admired his wit.

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