Inner Kumgang

It is a scenic district in the western part of Mt. Kumgang. It is a 50-km drive from Onjong-ri to Naegang-ri, Kumgang County.

Inner Kumgang is divided into several areas such as Manphok Valley, Manchon Rock, Paegun Rock, Myonggyong Rock, Manggun Rock, Piro Peak, Thaesang and Kusong.

Among them, the Manphok Valley with innumerable rocky cliffs and waterfalls is beautiful for all seasons. Particularly impressive are flowers in full bloom in spring, thick foliage and crystal-clear blue streams in summer, and trees in autumnal tints, and snowscape in winter. And Phal Pools sprawling out in a 1.6-km-long section is much more mysterious. In the district are some historical relics including Phyohun Temple.

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