Most Important Hour

The Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong Un visited a KPA unit on a cold winter day of January Juche 101 (2012). Saying that the unit was preparing the soldiers so that they could perform their task independently and positively, he instructed that the officers of the unit should pay deep concern to the life of the servicepersons.

Then he first went to the room of education and sat on one of the chairs used by the soldiers. After hearing a duet sung by the company commander and the company political instructor he praised that they sang very well. When he dropped in the barrack he looked at the thermometer to know the temperature indoors and unfolded a quilt used by soldiers to see the quality of it. He was pleased to hear that soldiers liked the quilts as they were warm and soft. When he saw steam rise from the water tank in the wash-cum-bath room, the Supreme Commander asked officers how they heated the water, and said that the company commander and the company political instructor should work together to look after the life of the soldiers.

Hours passed as he went around every corner of the company. When he heard from the accompanying officials that he had spent much time looking around the company, Kim Jong Un said that it is a very important hour for him to be with soldiers, and that he values the hour spent for them. Then he looked into the mess hall, soybean storehouse and other supply service facilities. In the mess hall he learned about what measures the company took to keep the mess hall warm. He went into the kitchen and grasped the cooks one by one. Seeing the duck among the food materials on the kitchen table the Supreme Commander said that Chairman Kim Jong Il had often talked about the duck farm of that unit in his lifetime, and continued to emphasize that the unit should keep the duck farm in good operation all the time.

The most important hour passed like that.

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