Rungna People’s Recreation Ground

Some years ago Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited a construction site of a near-to-completion amusement facility on Rungna islet in Pyongyang.

After making the rounds of the spacious area of the amusement facility, he suggested naming the facility Rungna People’s Recreation Ground, saying that President Kim Il Sung gave instructions on turning the islet into a public place for leisure activities while visiting the islet in August Juche 47 (1958).

He added that it would be best to call it like that considering the ennobling intention of the President and Chairman Kim Jong Il who devoted their all to the people’s well-being. And he stressed the need to include the word “people” in the name of the facility.

This illustrates his ardent and affectionate feeling towards the people. He is now exerting himself to bring socialist civilization and all blessings to the people so beloved by the great leaders.

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