Moral Obligation Transcending Distinction between Life and Death

President Kim Il Sung met Zhang Jinquan, son of martyr Zhang Weihua, and his party who visited the DPRK to congratulate the 80th birth anniversary of the President in April Juche 81(1992).

That day, the President said that he was going to set up a monument that has his name carved on at the martyr’s graveyard as he had realized to mark soon 55th anniversary of his death.

The President met him and his party again just before their leaving and told them to well arrange the ceremony of setting up the monument to his father and that he would send a senior official of the Party Central Committee to the ceremony and convey the monument to Wusong on a vehicle.

On October 27 Juche 81(1992), the ceremony was splendidly held at the graveyard of martyr Zhang Weihua in Wusong City.

Participants in the ceremony deeply felt that his great loving care of setting up even a monument in memory of a martyr victimized several decades ago stemmed from his noble sense of obligation as a great man transcending the distinction between life and death.

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