February in a Great Stream of Yearning (8)

Celebration Meeting of Families Related to Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Struggle Held in China

On the occasion of the 81st birth anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il, a celebration meeting of families related to anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle was held in Beijing, China on February 14.

Chinese participants including Zhang Jinglu, daughter of Zhang Weihua, Feng Songguang, son of Feng Zheongyun, Yuwing, son of Li Zaide, Shang Xiaowei, son of Shang Yue and Wang Min, son of Wang Xiaoming highly praised that the Chairman made the DPRK powerful and prosperous, provided the people with happy lives and made his great contribution to the development of the Sino-DPRK friendship.

They spoke that the great feats of Comrade Kim Jong Il would deeply be kept in the mind of the peoples of two countries and the Korean people achieve a new prosperity under the leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

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