Hotel Popular with Foreigners

The Sosan Hotel mainly for sportspersons is located at the sports village on Pyongyang’s Chongchun Street.

It is very popular with foreigners as it serves world-renowned traditional Korean foods like sinsollo, kimchi and Pyongyang cold noodle.

The hotel, which was renovated in October Juche 104 (2015), also offers foreign cuisines according to the demand of visitors.

The hotel amenities have newly been arranged to provide for people’s convenience, enjoyment and comfort. On the ground floor there are a snack bar, shop, party room and other service rooms, big and small, with the spacious hall at the centre. On the first floor it has a wading pool, fitness hall and welfare service amenities.

There are a banqueting hall, restaurant, souvenir shop, interview room and other facilities on the second and third floors.

International telephone and internet service are also available.

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