Number of Rice Knots He Told in Person

It happened one day in Juche 63(1974) when President Kim Il Sung called at Chongsan-ri.

Having given an instruction to officials concerning the urgent farming, he asked them abruptly how many knots are there in rice.

Any of them did not give an immediate answer to this unexpected question.

Then he told them that rice has 14~15 knots and among them 5~6 are seen and 9~10 not seen as they are under the ground. And he added that they stick so thick to rice roots as to be hardly recognized.

That moment, a sign of surprise went across their faces. They were deeply impressed by the President who had worked so hard to solve the food problem as to learn even the number of rice knots.

This story about the number of rice knots he told in person is one of many emotional episodes that shows his boundless devotion and efforts to the agricultural development of the country.

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