32nd April Spring Friendship Art Festival Held

The 32nd April Spring Friendship Art Festival, held on an unprecedented scale by 63 art troupes and individual artistes from 28 countries, has been posted on www.korart.sca.kp, together with their performances, numbering 31, and congratulatory messages and speeches by foreigners and overseas Koreans, numbering more than 80.

Posted around April 17 will be impressions by foreigners and overseas Koreans of the festival, a joint performance by art troupes and individual artistes highly evaluated at the festival, overall introduction of the festival and the result of prize awarding.

Welcome to the festival that gives a glimpse into the national traditions and living customs of various countries of the world and the level of their artistic development and that reflects the aspirations of the progressive artistes of the world after independence, peace and friendship.

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