Story about a Telegraph

One day in Juche 84 (1995) an official, spending busy days in a foreign country with the preparation for building a new factory in the homeland, received an unexpected telegraph, which read as follows:
“Ascertain if pollution occurs in the process of production in the factory, and then inform me of it.”

He could easily guess what it meant.

No doubt, it would be the benevolent measure taken by Chairman Kim Jong Il for the people’s health.

Later he was told the particulars of the telegraph: The Chairman, who was briefed from officials on the fact that they decided to build the factory in a residential district in a sunny place and with easy access, was lost in thought for a while and asked them whether the leftovers from the factory would cause air pollution.

When he heard they failed to learn about it, the Chairman said: needless to say, we should take into account the conditions for construction and the networks of technical facilities, but what we should consider first of all is the matter concerning the people’s health. We should fully examine whether the factory might cause harm to the environment in case of building the factory in a residential district.

Then he earnestly asked them to give a task to the official on a business trip abroad to study it.

The telegraph had such a story.

Without delay, he referred to an expert of that country for the matter.

The expert said with admiration:
“Engaging myself in this work for years, I have made contracts with several countries and faced many challenges. But this case is very exceptional.

“Once I was told that a precious one and only factory of your country had been exploded for the sake of the workers’ health, but I couldn’t believe it.

“It was because such a thing is unthinkable in my country, but now I get to know the secret of it. I really envy you living in a wonderful system where the love for a human being is being carried forward down through generations.”

On hearing the foreigner’s sincere sentiment in a foreign land, the official was moved to shout.

(The peoples around the world, do envy us living in the socialist motherland, the embrace of the great General Kim Jong Il, which treasures people most.)

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