Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of WPK Closes

Let Us Remain Immensely Loyal to Political Idea and Historic Mission of People’s Party, Party Serving People Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of WPK Closes

The Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of the Workers’ Party of Korea closed on February 28 amid great concern and expectations of all Party members and other people across the country. The conference marked a fresh milestone in strengthening the whole Party.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, guided the conference.

The conference proceeded amid the display of all the participants’ steadfast will to further consolidate the primary organizations of the Party to be a lively harmonious whole sharing the idea and will with the Party Central Committee and acting in concert with it and to devotedly serve and strive for the prosperity and development of the country and wellbeing of the people, true to the Party’s idea of giving importance to primary Party committees and its policy of strengthening them.

Speeches were made by Choe Song Bok, secretary of the Junghung-ri Party Committee of Samjiyon City, Kim Myong Chan, secretary of the Primary Party Committee of the Central Mining Research Institute of the State Academy of Sciences, Kim Jong Hun, secretary of the Primary Party Committee of the Namdok Youth Coal Mine, and others.

They talked about their experience gained in training all the officials and employees of their units into fighters devotedly implementing the Party’s policies by conducting ideological education in an intensive and aggressive way among them so that they would deeply grasp the greatness of the Party and invariably uphold the traditions of loyalty.

Listening to the speeches that stressed the importance and significance of educating the Party members and other people to realize the greatness of the leader and remain loyal to him, the participants deeply understood that the ideological will to defend and glorify generation after generation the immortal leadership exploits of the peerlessly great men associated with their worksites is the core of the spirit to be fully displayed by them.

Speeches dealt with the experience gained in training the agricultural workers to be true masters of the rural revolution as taught by the respected General Secretary and implementing the Party’s policy on agriculture.

Speakers said that they have exerted themselves to prepare discharged soldiers to be the hardcore for consolidating the rural position, and understand difficulties experienced by their employees to sincerely help and lead them, thus intensifying the campaign for the rural revolution. Such stories deeply touched the participants.

They recalled that they trained researchers to be genuine scientists, who dedicate themselves to the Party and the country, and guided them to make achievements conducive to accelerating economic development of the country by methodologically instilling into them the faith that their scientific research is for the sake of the country, regarding it as the pivot of the Party work.

During those days, we realized that the real honour of the scientists of Juche Korea just lies in the pride and self-confidence of having given pleasure to the Party and made contributions to the development of the country and happiness of the people, and that it is the basic mission of the Party organizations in the scientific research field to help the researchers carry on their research with a single mind of loyalty and patriotic enthusiasm, they noted.

The speakers mentioned that they added glory to the honour of being model units by strengthening the Party committees’ collective guidance and directing efforts to the work with coal miners, the work with young miners in particular.

Hearing the speeches, the participants in the conference realized once again that it is the fundamental way of making radical progress in the implementation of the decisions of the Party Congress to make redoubled efforts for thoroughly applying the traditional working methods of our Party with higher political awareness, self-consciousness and clear purposefulness.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made a historic concluding speech “Secretaries of Primary Party Committees Should Become Genuine Political Workers of the Motherly Party”.

Greatly excited to receive the important instructions of the General Secretary, the participants in the conference awakened themselves to their duty as political workers of the Party of the people, the Party serving them, and pledged to tangibly contribute to strengthening the whole Party and achieving the prosperity and development of their great country by dedicating themselves to implementing the far-reaching ideal and fighting programme put forward by the Party.

When Kim Jong Un finished his concluding speech, all the participants broke into thunderous cheers of “Hurrah!” as a token of their highest respects and the warmest greetings to the General Secretary of the Party who clarified a clear struggle policy in the new era for enhancing the militant function and role of the primary Party organizations in every way with his profound thought and brilliant ideo-theoretical wisdom, thus bringing about a heyday of strengthening the whole Party.

Citations of the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea were conferred on exemplary secretaries of primary Party committees at the conference.

The respected General Secretary said meaningful words about the conferring of citations.

He referred to the Party Central Committee’s intention in specially commending the secretaries of the primary Party committees for making good results with sincere attitude and working manner befitting the primary political workers of our Party on the occasion of the conference.

Repeatedly stressing the position and importance of the primary Party committees in accomplishing the great cause of strengthening the whole Party, he said that he was greatly pleased to get to know the excellent Party officials, honest servants of the people, who put their heart and soul into their work, well aware of their heavy mission and duty of being responsible for the main fighting units for carrying out the Party policies at a crucial time when our revolution has entered a new stage of development.

Noting that the primary Party committees should become the ranks of justice that vigorously struggle for realizing the Party’s programme for building socialism and communism, not the lower-echelon organizations working merely for preserving and managing Party forces, the General Secretary said that we can surely bring about a new great era, a new victory with our own efforts if the primary Party organizations of the whole Party are fully prepared and display their strong fighting efficiency.

Expressing the belief that the secretaries of the primary Party committees will bear deep in mind the expectations of the Party Central Committee and the people and become genuine revolutionaries and communists who never vacillate on the sacred road of serving the Party, the revolution and people, the General Secretary proposed warmly congratulating with enthusiastic applause the Party secretaries on receiving citations at the place on which the whole Party focuses its attention.

Amid the great excitement, Kim Jong Un personally presented citations to Ri Tong Chol, Paek Hak Chol, So Hyon Chol, Kang Hyon Guk, Kim Song Man, Tong Myong Hak, Pak Song Chol, Won Chol, An Chol Rim, Kim Yong Il, Ri Chi Myong, Ryom Kyong Chun, Kim Myong Gil, Kim Jong Gwan, Ri Su Nam, Kim Jong Hun, Hong Jong Guk, Kim Kwang Chol, Choe Song Bok, Kim Myong Il, Kim Ju Chon, Paek Yong Song, O Pong Chol, Kang Yong Son, Pak Sung Hak, Ri Yong Hyop, Paek Ui Sik, Kim Man Bok, Kim Yong Gyu, Jon Kyong Su, Ryu Yong Gil, Choe Jong Gil, Choe Kyong Sam, Pak Song Jin, Kim Chol Min, Ri Un Sil, Kim Myong Chan, Kim Kwang Chol, Kim Chol, Ri Sung Chol, Ho Song Chol, Kim Jin Myong, Jong Yong Hui, Jon Yong Gil, Yun Nam Chol, Paek Kyong Il, Pak Chun Il, Pak Myong Chol, Choe Song Bong and Choe Jong Su who distinguished themselves in carrying out the Party’s policies, and had a photo taken with them, which will be eternally recorded in the history of the Party.

Those secretaries who were honored with unforgettable high commendation from the General Secretary and other participants were full of boundless gratitude for the General Secretary who taught them principles and the secret of the Party work, showing warm loving care and bestowing benevolence on them repeatedly to encourage them by becoming their great teacher and tender-hearted father.

The respected General Secretary delivered a closing address.

When he declared the conference closed, the song “Internationale” was struck up solemnly. All the participants again raised stormy cheers of “Hurrah!” for Kim Jong Un, the great leader of our Party and revolution who develops the WPK into the ever-victorious revolutionary and militant Party.

The Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of the Workers’ Party of Korea held under the energetic guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un will always go down in the history of the Party as a meaningful one which guaranteed the correct implementation of the revolutionary tasks decided at the Party Congress and dynamically propelled the drive for accomplishing the cause of modeling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and for the victorious advance of our-style socialist construction by more thoroughly establishing the unified leadership system of the Party Central Committee throughout the Party and remarkably raising the fighting efficiency of the primary Party committees.


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