‘International Community Closely Watches Radical Turn to Peace and Stability’

Thomas Karl Richter, member of the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation, said:

“I am sure that the Korean people will achieve greater success in socialist construction and reunify the country without fail under the seasoned leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, just as they have built such a powerful country as of today from the debris left by the three-year war under the leadership of the great leaders, President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.
“Nowadays the European community including Germans see the DPRK from a fresh viewpoint.
“Thanks to the positive activities of Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission, several rounds of inter-Korean summit and a DPRK-US summit were held successfully under the world spotlight, with the situation on the Korean peninsula radically turning to peace and stability against all odds.
“Such world-startling events helped Germans focus attention on any reports on the DPRK”.

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