Newly Built Indoor Playing Sections

The uniquely furnished indoor playing sections are the favourite haunt of every visitor to the Pyongyang Children’s Department Store which was renovated along with Changjon Street.

These sections filled with children’s laughter of happiness are also associated with the warm love of a peerlessly great man.

It was one day in May Juche 101 (2012) when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the department store for the first time.

As he looked round the department store, he said there should be not only counters but also children’s playing section.

It was an unexpected instruction for officials and salespersons of the department store as it specialized in the sale of goods for children.

As if he had read their mind, the Supreme Leader told them to let children play or read books according to their tastes in the playing section while adults buy goods, awakening them in detail to the fact that such a process would be helpful to children’s intellectual development.

Listening to his meticulous instruction full of affection, they were filled with deep emotion.

On the threshold of the opening of the department store the Supreme Leader sent them lots of facilities for playing such as battery car, sliding bridge, mushroom-shaped house, railway tunnel, animal-shaped rocker and palm island.

Thanks to the meticulous care and affection of the peerlessly great man who loves children most, they have been able to play there happily to their heart’s content.

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