Most Important Policy

One December day some years ago, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected the Pyongyang Children’s Foodstuff Factory.

He visited the factory to acquaint himself with the situation of soya milk production after considering the actual conditions of material supply for it.

The steady production and supply of children’s foodstuff is an indispensable and primary policy out of all Party policies, he said, adding the most important of so many policies is to give top priority to the ensuring of the production of children’s foodstuff.

Out of so many issues facing us, nothing is more important than this matter, he continued, emphasizing that he would make no concession as to the matter of that production.

That day, he noted that the normalization of production at the Pyongyang Children’s Foodstuff Factory is not simple economic business, but a matter relating to moral obligation to the great leaders and Party faith and conscience, and referred to the need to work hard to increase production.

Thanks to the Supreme Leader, children’s happy laughter endlessly rings out everywhere on this land.

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