Women Also Regarded as Masters of the Country

The Law on Sex Equality was announced on July 30 Juche 35(1946) in the DPRK.

The DPRK has laid a constitutional basis on the Law with the Socialist Constitution revised and supplemented on several occasions since it declared the women to be equal to men in social status. It is a reflection of the steadfast will and policy of the Workers` Party of Korea and the government of the Republic to hold women as the master of state and society.

Now, the women of the DPRK have grown up as a powerful force of social development under the bosom of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and are enjoying all kinds of social benefits and a worthwhile life for their families, society and state. 

For that reason, an Irish woman said in her excitement that she wanted to be born a woman of the DPRK if it were possible to be born again and the DPRK is indeed a heaven in which the women’s rights are truly ensured and their dignity is defended in the highest level.

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