Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is a place for providing the masses with a correct understanding and wide range of knowledge of nature and for studying and disseminating science, a characteristic educational base and cultural recreation centre.

Covering a total floor space of 35 000 m², the four-storeyed museum consists of halls of outer space, ancient creatures, animals, plants and gifts, an e-reading area and sci-tech learning space.

In the halls built on the principle of ensuring scientific accuracy, practicality and kindness, visitors can experience and recognize in a vivid way the changes of the celestial body and the earth and evolution and development of life and species and gain various kinds of scientific knowledge about animals and plants through the exhibits on display.

The museum, which has reached the world-class status in terms of size, exhibits and academic contents, was built in less than one year and opened to the public in July Juche 105 (2016).

The Natural History Museum, located in the Central Zoo, is always crowded with visitors including foreign tourists.

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