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Clean Chemical Factory

On July 26, 1965, Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the then Chongsu Chemical Factory. After a round of inspection, he talked with the management staff of the factory about how production was going. Outside, the scorching sun of midsummer was beating down. Then after sitting silent for a while, the Chairman asked a member of the management staff what they were supplying to the workers engaged in carbide production. Hearing the answer that they were supplied with labour protection goods, nutrients and even soda water, he said seriously that the workers directly producing carbide should be provided with plenty of meat and edible oil and that primary attention should be paid to the workers’ life so as to increase production. Looking out of the window, he asked, addressing no one in particular, if the air was not foul. His eyes were fixed on the smoke sent out from the chimney of a carbide kiln. The management staff only now realized why the Chairman kept gazing out of the window. They could hardly answer him. At the time, all attention was focused on production in disregard of antismoke device. Looking round at them, he gravely said that if the carbide dust coming out from the chimney was not collected, the environment would be polluted and the workers’ health damaged. He went on to say that the management officials did not take any measure to solve the technically-simple dust collecting problem.

After a while, he continued: The factory has the Amnok River flowing in front and a mountain at its back. So, it is a scenic spot. When they make air clean and the forest thick by planting many trees, the factory can be a clean chemical factory. The Chongsu Chemical Factory should be built up like a park.

Later, his instructions were carried into effect and the factory changed its looks like a factory in a park with clean and fresh air.

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