Tito’s Reverence

They talked in an informal atmosphere.

The official said: I met President Tito, known for his strong sense of self-respect. He expressed his opinion on the international situation and the Korean question and then stressed that he admired the DPRK for its steadfast independence and revered President Kim Il Sung who was pursuing a firm independent policy.

Kim Jong Il said with a smile, “The present is the era of independence. Many countries of the world are advancing along the road of independence. A country following big countries blindly would end up a colony of the modern type.”

“A colony of the modern type…” repeated the official.

Kim Jong Il resumed: Such a country is what we call a political servant. Those that live in the spirit of others and dance to their tune are all wretched political servants. As for our country that is sandwiched between big countries, adhering to independence is all the more important. Independence is the lifeblood of a country and nation. As President Kim Il Sung said earlier, neither the Russian clothes nor the American clothes fit us and only our Korean clothes fit us perfectly. Though our country is not big, it never gives in to the pressure of big countries, but implements its policies as it intends, with no regard to the feelings of big countries, and speaks out without hesitation what it wants to say. Therefore, it is quite natural that people all over the world cannot but admire our country. I am sure President Tito likes such an independent policy of ours.

The official said, “You are right, sir. Although he prides himself on being a pioneer of the non-aligned movement, Tito admires our country for its consistent stand of independence.”

Kim Jong Il resumed:

“I value the independence of the country and nation more than my life. If there is a man among our people who ignores independence, he is a traitor who negates the Juche idea. Maintaining independence is patriotism, pure and simple. Independence is the spiritual mainstay of the motherland of the Juche idea.”

The official said, “Even bourgeois politicians praise that the prototype of an independent statesman leads the DPRK.”

Kim Jong Il stressed, “Independence constitutes the core of the great Juche idea. Independence–this is a guarantee for the dignity and prosperity of our nation and its reunification.”

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