Meaning of September 9 (Day of DPRK Founding)

On September 9 several decades ago Chairman Kim Jong Il told the officials that whenever he greeted the DPRK founding anniversary, he first thought of President Kim Il Sung. And he said that it is of greater significance as it is the day when the President was elected as the first head of the independent state, rather than it is the day when the founding of the DPRK was proclaimed.

On that meaningful day the Chairman said that the Korean people lead a happy life and the Korean nation will prosper forever as they have the great motherland, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, built and led by the President. The dignity and honour of the Korean nation shine as the President enjoyed high international prestige and our country is unthinkable apart from the President, the DPRK is inseparable from the august name of the President and modern Korea is President Kim Il Sung’s Korea, he noted.

And he continued to say that the President was 33 years old when he liberated the country and 36 when he founded the DPRK and was elected as head of state, there are many leaders in the world but never had there been such a leader like him who set out on the road of revolution at an early age, led the unprecedentedly arduous anti-imperialist national liberation revolution to victory and was elected as head of state at such a young age. Then he paid heartfelt tribute to the President.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is really the precious fruition of the decades-long bloody struggle of the President.

The true meaning of the day of DPRK founding clarified by the Chairman will be recorded forever in its history as the invariable truth.

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