General Kim Jong Il, Paektu Shining Star Held in Reverence by Nation 3

Ray of Shining Star Highlights New Day of National Prosperity

Chairman Kim Jong Il is the Sun of the nation who highlighted the new day of national prosperity with brilliant ray of the Shining Star and built the socialist Korea into a highly dignified country.

Having risen as the Paektu Shining Star at the time when the dawn was breaking in national liberation, the Chairman grew up hearing the sounds of gunfire in the anti-Japanese warfare as his lullaby and had a perfect command of the temperament, courage and Juche military leadership of President Kim Il Sung just as they were in those days. Since then, he had led the general affairs of the Party, state and army for dozens of years and achieved a great contribution to the prosperity of the country and happiness of the people.

For his feats the Chairman is now and will have been praised by all the people as the brilliant Shining Star who highlights the whole world.

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