The Story Associated With Ryugyong Health Complex

In May Juche 101 (2012) the supreme national leader Kim Jong Un visited the Ryugyong Health Complex under construction. Though the handrails were not yet fixed on staircases, he made the rounds of the interior of the building. Looking around the public bath he said that water tank should be well designed, and pointed out the problems not to be missed in the construction of ultrasonic bathtub. Then, he continued to say that visitors would be pleased if TV sets were fixed in the rest halls of bathrooms as they could have some rest watching TV. Walking up to the last and third floor of the building he stressed the need to use the spaces effectively and rationally, and put much attention to the work of improving the quality of the building as the content is most important for a structure.

In July that year when the complex was near to completion the supreme leader visited the complex again. While looking around several places of the complex including the beauty salon, public bathroom and barber’s shop Kim Jong Un said that final touches should be given until the day of completion with the consciousness that there is no satisfaction in the work for the people. In November he made his third visit to the complex just before inauguration. Passing a spacious and clean corridor he entered the rest hall. There he expressed his satisfaction over the fact that circular lounges were placed in the hall with flower decorations to the liking of the people. Sitting on a lounge and looking down carefully at the carpet on the floor he said that the floor should be covered with quality timber again.

Going around the public bathroom, curative exercise room and cold room the supreme leader said that people would frequent the complex when it opened, and that they would greatly benefit from it in winter. He emphasized that service activities and operation of the complex should be well organized.

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