Let Us Achieve a Comprehensive Development of Socialism by Kindling the Fierce Flames of the Three Revolutions

Kim Jong Un
Let Us Achieve a Comprehensive Development of Socialism by Kindling the Fierce Flames of the Three Revolutions

Letter to Those Attending the Fifth Conference of the Frontrunners in the Three Revolutions
November 18, Juche 110 (2021)


The Fifth Conference of the Frontrunners in the Three Revolutions has opened in grand style when precious successes that testify to the vigorous advance of our revolution are being achieved thanks to the heroic struggle of all our people, who are carrying out the far-reaching programmes of the Workers’ Party of Korea wholeheartedly.

In the face of severe trials of history, our people’s faith has become firmer, the strength of our state has become more powerful, and an era of great change has arrived in front of us.

On the basis of analysis and appraisal of the struggle tasks of the present stage we have reached in socialist construction and of its next stage, the preparedness of our revolutionary forces and the prevailing internal and external situations, our Party has confirmed once again that the road to achieving the sure victory of our style of socialism is to bring about a fundamental change in all the realms of ideology, technology and culture by holding higher the banner of the three revolutions.

Proceeding from this, the Party Central Committee reached a decision on convening the Fifth Conference of the Frontrunners in the Three Revolutions as an important occasion for understanding and confirming once again the strategic position and great significance of the line of the three revolutions consistently maintained in our socialist and communist construction and for kindling the fierce flames of the three revolutions across the country.

This conference will prove to be a decisive occasion in turning the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement and the Three-Revolution Team Movement into a powerful propellant for the ideological, technological and cultural revolutions, and set up a new milestone in achieving a comprehensive development of our style of socialism.

Availing myself of this opportunity, I, in the name of the Party Central Committee and the government of the Republic, extend warm gratitude and militant greetings to the participants in the conference, who have made great contributions to carrying out the three revolutions as frontrunners in remoulding other people and as masters of collective innovation true to the general line of our Party, and to other Order of the Three-Revolution Red Flag laureates and three-revolution team members across the country.

When our Party is going to lead with vigour the comprehensive development of socialism by flying higher the three red flags, the number of frontrunners in the three revolutions, who are creating new criteria and standards and setting personal examples in the vanguard of the times, is increasing. This is a source of great strength that makes us convinced of the victory of our cause.

The line of the three revolutions is a programme for socialist and communist construction and the general line of our Party invariable even today as it was yesterday.

The whole course of our state building was a history of the three revolutions, and we must achieve the final victory of socialism and greet the communist society on the road of carrying out the line of these revolutions.

Three revolutions–ideological, technological and cultural, coined for the first time in history by the great Comrade Kim Il Sung, are famous words that explain in a concentrated way the idea and spirit and the principles and contents which must be regarded as invariable guidelines in the whole course of socialist and communist construction, as well as the ways for implementing them.

The spirit that runs through the line of the three revolutions is the thoroughgoing spirit of independence, of implementing the revolution of one’s country by one’s own efforts. The main thing here is that one’s own revolutionary forces should be strengthened in every way possible.

In the historical course of building socialism and communism, the tasks and subjective and objective conditions at each revolutionary stage change constantly, but the revolutionary strategy, whose core is one’s own efforts, cannot change.

In implementing the socialist cause we must follow an untrodden path and brave unpredictable challenges and difficulties; in this course, we must cultivate our own efforts, which we can firmly believe in and rely on at all times. Herein lie the great significance and undying viability of the three revolutions.

The great transformations made by Juche Korea, which fundamentally remoulded man, nature and society in such a shortest historical period, are ones, from A to Z, achieved by dint of the three revolutions; and all the miracles wrought by our state striking the world people with wonder are a victory of the line of these revolutions.

Had we not held the banner of the three revolutions in the first days of building a new country, we could not have witnessed the birth of a heroic people, who are carving out their destiny by their own efforts, and the epochal development of our Republic, which has emerged as a powerful country from ashes, and the existence of socialist Korea that remain unperturbed in worldwide political turmoils and unprecedented challenges would have been unimaginable.

It is a source of great dignity and pride for our Party and state to have such a struggle programme as the line of the three revolutions, which conforms to the law-governed nature of socialist and communist construction and to our people’s revolutionary aspirations and whose truthfulness, advantages and invincible might have been fully verified from one century and generation into the next.

We must carry forward this line for ever in its pure form, and apply it fully.

Our Party, by accelerating the comprehensive development of socialism, intends to build in the near future a powerful socialist country that prospers by dint of self-sufficiency and self-dependence.

The period of comprehensive development of socialism is a historic watershed our Party and people have reached through their protracted struggle for applying the line of the three revolutions, as well as a new era of development which will be achieved by dint of the three revolutions of a higher stage.

The line of building a country that is independent, self-supporting and self-reliant in defence, which the government of our Republic set forth at the beginning of its state administration aspires after simultaneous development of the political, economic, cultural, defence and all other fields, and in order to achieve this, our Party and people have waged an arduous and yet unyielding struggle upholding the banner of the three revolutions.

In this historic course of struggle, the political and military forces of the Republic have grown remarkably, and at last we have greeted a turning phase, in which we are definitely putting all the realms of socialist construction on the track of new change and innovation, growth and development.

Now that decisive factors and fundamental conditions for staunchly defending and vigorously promoting socialism have been created, building a developed, prosperous and powerful socialist country is not an ideal of distant future but a realistic target.

The great transition to a powerful socialist country is the process of making all the members of society revolutionary, developing the technological and economic might on the highest level and civilizing the whole society.

In building such a country we are faced with various crucial tasks including improving the refinement and personality of the people as required by the our-state-first era, making the national economy switch over to an overall development, changing the agricultural production structure and establishing a new cultural lifestyle of our own. These tasks presuppose change, development and civilization of all the fields, all the sectors and all the people and require a general onward march of the three revolutions involving the entire Party, the whole country and all the people.

The comprehensive development of socialism of our own style is, in essence, a new revolution in the three realms of ideology, technology and culture.

Only when we attain the goals of the three revolutions–uniting all the people by means of the Party’s ideas, laying scientific and technological foundations that can guarantee the self-supporting and sustainable development of the economy, making all the people talented persons and liquidating every manner of cultural backwardness–can we raise the progressiveness and modernity of our state onto a new high.

In flying the three red flags more highly lies the shortcut to realizing our Party’s ideals and meeting the demands of our revolution concerning the comprehensive development of socialism.

To dynamically promote the simultaneous and balanced development of all the fields of state and social life and all the regions of the country with the three revolutions as a driving force–this is the main spirit of the current conference.

“Let us transform all our revolutionary positions in line with the demands of the three revolutions!”–we should uphold this slogan.

If all sectors, all units and all regions are transformed as required by the three revolutions, it precisely means the comprehensive development of socialism we intend to achieve and the powerful socialist country, people’s ideal society, which prospers by dint of self-sufficiency and self-dependence.

In order to transform the whole society as required by the three revolutions, we need to give fresh impetus to the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement and the Three-Revolution Team Movement.

No driving force is more powerful than the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement and the Three-Revolution Team Movement in accelerating the ideological, technological and cultural revolutions, whose validity and viability have been proved through the practice of our socialist construction.

The Party has already clarified comprehensively and in detail the character and mission of these movements and the principles, demands and methods to be adhered to in waging them.

What is important is how to apply them in line with the developing times and prevailing conditions.

On the basis of an understanding and analysis of the prevailing situation of the movements, the Party Central Committee has worked out a policy for injecting a fresh life into them.

First of all, we should expand and intensify the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement in keeping with the demands of the developing revolution.

Proceeding from the requirements of the times to vigorously accelerate the three revolutions on a new high, our Party has decided to expand the movement onto a wider scope involving cities, counties and industrial complexes, not confining it merely to organs, enterprises, factories, cooperative farms, workshops and workteams as is now, and thereby to make it an all-society and all-people movement both in name and in reality.

To expand it to cities, counties and industrial complexes is right in the light of the character of the movement as a mass movement of the highest form, of the inevitable demands of the struggle for victoriously accomplishing the socialist cause by dint of single-minded unity of all people and of the tasks of the revolution at the current stage.

When he kindled the torch of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement in the 1970s, General Kim Jong Il already put forward the wise policy of conducting the movement with city, county and industrial complex as a unit as it would develop in depth in the future.

Since cities and counties are local bases of socialist construction in our country, they should naturally serve as the strongholds of the three revolutions.

It is a law-governed nature that the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement is launched with city and county as a unit as socialist construction makes in-depth progress.

The movement, which will be conducted with city and county as a unit, presupposes a responsible attitude of Party organizations and officials at all levels including city and county Party committees as well as the participation of all the population; and it is an incomparably powerful mode in making the whole country pulsate with the three revolutions.

Attaching great importance to cities and counties as the basic units in organizing and executing the implementation of its policies in a direct, coordinated and comprehensive way, our Party is strongly pushing ahead with the policy of facilitating prosperity of our state through their development.

Implementation of Party policy and the three revolutions are not separated from each other.

All our Party policies fall within the three realms of ideology, technology and culture in terms of their inclusive range and contents, and the cities and counties are responsible for carrying out many of the policy-oriented tasks.

To say nothing of the tasks of modernizing local industrial factories, making a smart facelift of rural villages and renovating schools and hospitals, the major policies put forward by the Party–like the ones of housing construction, landscaping and conservation of mountains and rivers–consist in the tasks of the three revolutions which are to be done with such regions as city and county as a unit; and their success will be guaranteed only when the principle of carrying out the technical and cultural revolutions simultaneously while giving precedence to the ideological revolution is maintained without any deviation.

Even under the prevailing condition that is worse than ever before, some cities and counties are distinguishing themselves in all aspects as nicely as to be admired by all others in the country. They are, without exception, under the control of chief Party officials who are turning the implementation of Party policies into the process of carrying out the three revolutions, well aware of the merits of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement.

If the 200 and over cities and counties across the country rise up forcefully under the banner of the three revolutions, a new phase will unfold in which local regions change, and our rural communities turn, in the near future, into rich and cultured socialist ones equipped with modern technology and civilization.

The time of comprehensive development of socialist construction will begin with the facelift of local regions and the striking contrast of the rural communities between their past and present, and this will surely provide a demonstration of the advantages and true image of the socialism of our own style.

Holding fast to the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement as a powerful weapon for building up cities and counties, city and county Party committees should orientate all their work to the movement, and their work should naturally be reviewed and appraised with the stress put on examining how they have conducted the movement.

The Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement should begin with launching a political campaign to encourage all the people to adopt the three revolutions as something for their own interests.

What the Party Central Committee put great confidence in while planning to expand the movement to the scale of cities and counties was the voluntary and proactive turnout of the masses who are conscious of their demands and interests.

If the broad masses of the people learn that the three revolutions are just aimed at transforming themselves into more faithful and cultured humans and making a wonderful place of the land where they live and their coming generations will live, they will rise and exert formidable strength.

While informing all people, ranging from city and county officials down to the rank-and-file farmers, of the intention of the Party Central Committee so that they join the movement for themselves, it is necessary to give constant precedence to their spiritual and cultural enlightenment.

In drawing up a long-term plan and design for the development of their respective regions and organizing an artistic performance and a sports or cultural event, they should improve their political and cultural quality and level so as to make them serve as occasions for enlightening people and teaching them advanced culture.

The consciousness of our people has been remarkably transformed. Therefore, the more they see and hear new things, the more rapid changes will take place in their political consciousness, view on aesthetics, style of work and mode of life, and it will work as an important factor that promotes the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement.

The Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement that is waged with city and county as a unit is not something that starts now; it is the continuation of the struggle to implement the line of strengthening city and county and the process of the three revolutions progressing further in intensity and depth.

As cities and counties have units which have already won the three-revolution red flag and have gained many successes and experiences through various mass movements, they can wage the revolutions if they make good arrangements and buckle down to their work audaciously.

City and county Party committees should inspire the administrative and economic bodies and all other units in their respective regions to launch the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement and intensify their guidance over it, so as to steadily increase the ranks of units that have won the Three-Revolution Red Flag once, twice and thrice.

If chief secretaries of city and county Party committees and all other officials always talk about the three revolutions and all cities and counties seethe with enthusiasm for these revolutions, the level of people’s thinking and cultural attainments will improve and the appearance of cities and counties will change beyond recognition.

Provincial Party committees should play the steering role properly if all cities and counties across the country are made to be enthusiastic about the movement.

They should work out meticulous plans to make the movement brisk, intensify their control and guidance, and thus make sure that cities and counties vyingly turn themselves into communist fairylands in succession.

Each province should have its own three-revolution exhibition house.

If the valuable achievements performed in the three revolutions by cities, counties and industrial complexes in a province are put on display in the house and visits are organized well, it will be good for rousing many officials and working people and bringing their enthusiasm and competitive spirit into full play; it will also be quite profitable in helping them learn the excellent experiences and methods and share advanced technologies in a short span of time.

Chief secretaries of provincial Party committees themselves should, under their direct charge, build the three-revolution exhibition houses in their regions as important places for learning, technical exchange and information sharing to promote the campaign of overtaking and learning from others and sharing experience with one another and give impetus to the endeavour to carry out the three revolutions.

In order to kindle the fierce flames of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement across the country, it is essential to effect a radical change in the officials’ view of and attitude towards the movement.

The movement is now confined to some model units and pacesetters.

Officials themselves fail to have confidence in the movement as they are daunted by the present hardships such as economic difficulties. So not a few units have made little progress in the movement, and some units have failed to win the title of a higher grade of the movement for 20 years since they were awarded the three-revolution red flag.

The more difficult the situation is, the more enthusiastically officials should approach the movement and launch an intensive drive for it instead of arguing that they cannot take part in the movement because of difficult conditions.

It is the might and tradition of our unique idea of mass movement to develop ordinary people into heroes, turn even stragglers into progressive elements and make legendary Chollima show up with small hands.

The standpoint that all shades of alien ideas such as defeatism are burned off and everything goes right in the furnace of the three revolutions–this just gives rise to a revolution.

The difference between the units that have won the three-revolution red flag and those that have not yet done is, above all, that between officials’ viewpoints of the characteristics and might of the movement.

All our officials are revolutionaries who have grown up learning the principle of the Juche idea that there is nothing that we cannot achieve if we believe in and rely on the strength of the masses of the people and our Republic’s heroic epic, an application of the principle.

Officials should know well about the characteristics of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement that accelerates the revolutionary and communist transformation of people and gives full play to the might of mass heroism and collective innovation, and unhesitatingly join the great current, thus opening a new path for the development of their units.

It is necessary to improve guidance over the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement.

The history of the movement spans nearly half a century. Many units, however, have still failed to win the three-revolution red flag, and not a few of those that have already won the flag fail to play their role properly. This shows that there are faults in the guidance over the movement.

The movement is now regarded as something merely for judgment’s sake and one that ends with the winning of the flag.

Guidance over the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement should start with the work of rousing all units in this movement and run through with regular understanding and guidance and fair assessment of its whole process, and continuous guidance and help, re-assessment and substantial review, so as to encourage the red flag holders to continuously update their targets and take the lead in carrying out the three revolutions.

The Information and Publicity Department of the WPK Central Committee has assumed very important tasks to carry out in improving this guidance.

At present not a few units are absent in this movement on the plea of the special character in their work and other conditions.

As the line of the three revolutions requires that anybody, who is a socialist builder, carry it through, there can be no unit or worker that can be excluded from this movement.

The Information and Publicity Department of the WPK Central Committee, in order to make every unit and person turn out in this movement, should re-examine the past criteria including guidelines and regulations for assessment, and revise or supplement them so as to make the guidance substantial.

It is important to establish a proper system of reward and punishment in raising the enthusiasm for this movement.

It is necessary to encourage more units and the broad sections of the masses to participate in the movement with vital interest by giving appropriate political commendations and material rewards to the exemplary units in this movement and to the Order of the Three-Revolution Red Flag laureates.

High-class orders and other commendations should be awarded to those officials who, while working long in one unit, have made a tangible contribution to making their units win the three-revolution red flag once, twice or thrice and to those units that are glorifying this honour with remarkable successes in implementing Party policy.

In particular, not only orders and other commendations should be awarded to but also state measures of preferential treatment be taken for the cities and counties honoured with the title of the Three-Revolution Red Flag.

Every work needs fair review and assessment and clear reward and punishment.

Chief secretaries of the city and county Party committees that are backward in this movement and senior Party officials of the units dismissed from the ranks of the laureates or deprived of the honour should take due responsibility.

As the range of this movement is to be expanded to cities, counties and industrial complexes, it is needed to define proper terms of reference and place additional mechanisms and positions for appropriate guidance over this movement.

Whether this movement is revitalized or not depends largely on the qualifications and abilities of officials in charge of this movement.

These officials should not only be well informed of the Party’s ideas, its policies of each period and each field, but also be well versed in practical administrative and economic work and science and technology; they should also have high cultural attainments.

In particular, they should be well aware of the Party’s leadership exploits associated with their units and constantly study and apply methodologies so that their guidance can keep pace with the specific situation and characteristics.

Provincial, city, county and other Party committees at all levels, too, should pay close attention to preparing those officials in charge of mass movements into able ones who are well-rounded, and set up a system of settling them in their posts for over five years.

It is a misunderstanding that guidance over the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement should be done by the information and publicity departments.

All the departments of the WPK Central Committee and Party committees at all levels should conduct guidance over their subordinate Party organizations in close combination with the movement and energetically push it forward in coordination and combination with the information and publicity departments.

Three-Revolution Red Flag should be edited well so that it can become a major means that leads and propels the movement.

The magazine should cover not only the achievements and experiences gained by the exemplary Party organizations and officials but also the mistakes revealed and lessons drawn from the movement. Relevant measures should be taken for it to deal with such practical problems as how to set objectives and review their implementation.

The Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement and the movement to emulate the merited persons of socialist patriotism are closely related to each other.

Prototypes of praiseworthy people are trained in the flames of the three revolutions, and the merited persons of socialist patriotism are the model frontrunners in the three revolutions.

The Party gives them prominence as it truly appreciates and values their ardent loyalty and beautiful minds filled with patriotism; in the most difficult and challenging posts they are devoting their whole life with a pure conscience and shedding honest sweat for the Party, revolution, motherland and people without any thought for personal fame or reward.

The movement to emulate them should be actively conducted so that the examples of loyalty and patriotism created by the preceding generations will continue to be reproduced from one decade into the next.

Conferences of those people, if held regularly in the future, will provide vivid textbook examples of a true life wanted by our Party and remembered by the country through the images of the frontrunners who have achieved ennobling ideological, spiritual and moral standards, and will also be conducive to educating the rising generations.

The Three-Revolution Team Movement should be conducted with renewed vigour.

In the era of transformation to achieve innovative change and development and shape out the civilization of our own style in all fields of ideology, technology and culture, the three-revolution teams ought to become pathfinders and vanguard.

Their members constitute a contingent of intellectuals of a new generation, who are better versed than anyone else with the Party’s ideas and lines and embody the knowledge and culture of modern times; they are highly ambitious, enterprising, attached to the new and enthusiastic about the revolution and creation. Our Party and people expect a great deal from those up-and-coming young vanguard.

The valuable name of the three-revolution team should become an unfurled banner of struggle and advance in the present era of fresh revolution, and the honourable title of the three-revolution vanguard ought to shine more brightly as a symbol of the era of massive transformation.

The task facing the three-revolution teams in the present stage is to promote the three revolutions with the main emphasis on the technological revolution in the units to which they are dispatched.

Today science and industry play important roles in supporting our revolution, which adds more significance to the technological revolution.

Without a fresh revolution in the fields of the economy and technology, we cannot achieve modern civilization nor consolidate the ideological position of socialism.

That is why the Party has dispatched the three-revolution teams to none other than important trenches of our revolution as task forces for the technological revolution.

Their members should, holding up the torch of the technological revolution, devote their passion of youth to the struggle for technological transformation, creation and leap forward, opening up a shortcut to the development and upswing of the units concerned.

With a down-to-earth approach to the reality, they should intensify creative cooperation with the field technicians and working people to present sci-tech achievements substantially conducive to the production and business activities of the units.

When each member of the three-revolution teams across the country comes out with one proper finding and introduce it in reality, this will provide solutions to no small problems arising in reality and produce sparks for the flames of the technological revolution throughout the country.

It should be a mode of activities for a three-revolution team member to lead the creation of new technologies by closely combining inquiry and learning at production sites.

The three-revolution team members should leave traces of creation for the motherland and people in their youth full of vigour, zeal and enterprising spirit, which they would remember with a feeling of pride in the distant future, too.

The three-revolution teams have huge potential to powerfully step up the transformation of the units they are dispatched to in line with the demands of the three revolutions.

Their members should study the reality with a Party- and state-oriented vision and innovative approach, and proactively offer fresh and constructive proposals that will contribute to implementing the three revolutions in those units.

They should do political work among the masses under the guidance of the relevant Party organizations, set examples at all times among the masses and in the vanguard of them, and take the lead in creating a climate of technical innovation as masters of the work of diffusing new knowledge and technology.

They should become quite effective and influential disseminators in propagating the developed culture of the capital city and the advanced culture of the towns to the local areas and even the remote mountain areas.

Wherever there is a three-revolution team, a revolutionary and vigorous atmosphere should permeate and a hot wind of creation and struggle should rise. And whoever is a three-revolution team member, he or she should become a pacesetter in the three revolutions that the entire collective looks up to and tries to emulate.

Our Party attaches great importance to the work of the three-revolution teams with regards to bringing up promising reserve cadres who will shoulder the responsibility of developing the Party and state.

The struggle to transform all our revolutionary positions in line with the demands of the three revolutions accompanies a radical turn in improving the qualifications of cadres, and demands that a large number of young and promising reserve cadres be trained in a systematic way.

The three-revolution team members should make strenuous efforts to attain ennobling ideological and spiritual traits and high practical qualifications, regarding the membership period as their first step to prove themselves worthy of the benevolence of the Party and state as well as valuable days for preparing themselves to be future national cadres.

It should be their ardent aspirations to become true revolutionaries who continue to think and try every moment and every day to solve the problems the Party worries about by keeping their ideals abreast of the will of the Party, possessors of strong temperament who are enterprising, innovative and undaunted, sincere and conscientious persons who can proudly review their work in front of the country and people in the distant future as well, and attractive young men and women who win over other people with ennobling cultural and moral attainments.

Recently, guidance over the three-revolution teams can be said, in a word, to have become an empty shell without a kernel.

As there is no well-regulated guiding system from central body to the lower-echelon ones, a unified control and in-depth and detailed guidance have not been provided, and the Three-Revolution Team Movement is losing its vigour.

The relevant department of the Party Central Committee and the Party organizations at all levels should make a comprehensive and anatomical analysis of the state of the work of the three-revolution teams, find out unreasonable elements without omission and take appropriate measures for improving their work.

The revitalization of the Three-Revolution Team Movement should naturally be started with the qualitative and quantitative growth of these teams.

The principle of strictly selecting the university graduates, who are politically and ideologically sound with excellent scholarly performance, should be maintained, and the forces to be dispatched should be further strengthened in a way to be helpful to meet the balance between economic sectors and improve the overall economy.

It is necessary to free ourselves from the previous way of dispatching the three-revolution teams to production units only and dispatch them also to the regions so that they can play a large part in implementing the Party’s line of strengthening cities and counties.

This will make it possible to simultaneously push forward the work of boosting the major economic sectors and promoting regional development and provide guidance over the teams in a more effective way and improve their roles.

We should take into account in detail the demand for technical forces across the country and the possibility of their dispatch, appropriately determine the scale of the teams to be dispatched to the production units of key importance in the development of the economy and the improvement of the people’s living standards, and dispatch them in a strategic and proactive way.

Holding fast to the guidance over the teams as an important Party task, Party organizations and officials should steadily intensify the guidance with a high sense of responsibility, and solve the knottiest sci-tech problems in their regions and units and make a breakthrough in transforming our revolutionary positions in line with the demands of the three revolutions by putting the teams forward.

They should provide sufficient working and living conditions to the team members so that they can work to the best of their abilities with a pride of being our Party’s representatives; those, who have achieved high results in their work, should be commended in different ways so as to give full play to their spiritual strength and creative zeal.

Party organizations at all levels should actively select and appoint as cadres the university graduates who set examples in work and life during their three-revolution team period, and lead them well so that they can serve the Party and people with invariable loyalty as befit intellectuals transformed on the revolutionary lines and assimilated to the working class at production sites.

The relevant sectors and units including the State Commission of Science and Technology should bring guidance closer to the lower echelons and make exact demands on them to make the three-revolution teams satisfactorily perform their role of vanguard of the technological revolution.

They should understand, guide and examine the technological innovation work of the three-revolution team members in a responsible manner so that it can be conducted properly in conformity to the interests of the state, trend of the times and demand of the reality. They should also organize various types of work including exhibitions and visits to widen the vision of the team members and give full play to their creative initiative.

The frontrunners in the three revolutions are the hardcore force and precious asset our Party values and gives prominence to.

As we have a large number of such excellent loyal and patriotic people as you who work hard on the three fronts of ideology, technology and culture, the foundations of our Party and state are firm and the struggle to transform the whole country in line with the demands of the three revolutions will bring about a dynamic leap forward and advance.

All those attending this conference should continuously exalt the honour of being frontrunners in the struggle to raise to a higher stage the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement and the Three-Revolution Team Movement, which are priceless revolutionary legacy left by the great leaders and a dynamic propellant for socialist construction.

The fighting goal of our Party is demanding and the difficulties are still manifold, but we cannot wait until all conditions are created.

We should only advance vigorously and undauntedly along the course of development of our own style by our own efforts.

I firmly believe that all officials, Party members and other working people will bring about without fail the comprehensive prosperity of socialism of our own style, overcoming all kinds of challenges of history with the fierce flames of the three revolutions.

Let us all fight vigorously for the dignity and glory of our great state and for the final victory of socialism with a firm faith in sure victory and indomitable will.

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