Eternal Sun of Mankind

Whenever April spring comes with all flowers in full bloom, the world’s progressive people are recollecting the noble revolutionary lifetime of President Kim Il Sung who is the founder of socialist Korea with boundless feeling of respect for him.

President Kim Il Sung is really a great saint never to be born again and praised in other words than the Sun, as he is a man of excellent qualification, noble virtue and great exploit.

As all matters follow the sun as it gives light, so all people follow a great man as he creates an idea they want.

President Kim Il Sung created and held high a man-centered idea, the great Juche idea approved by all people for the first time in the world.

Many ideas and theories concerning the fate of mankind have been recorded in human history. However, any of them had not brought about a fundamental change to the fates of billions of people in the world.

It was not until the Juche idea was created that mankind took the road of shaping their destiny independently for the first time in history.

The President is the great man of the world who is immortal in the hearts of all people as the Sun of Juche as he held the working people as masters of the world and their destiny and opened up the new era of history, the era of independence.

He is a peerlessly elder statesman who led the cause of global independence holding high the banner of anti-imperialism and independence and also an eminent great man who moved the whole world with his noble humanity and virtue.

President Kim Il Sung firmly took the helm of independence and led the cause of anti-imperialism and independence to victory when the 20th century faced the rapidly changing upheavals

Even the politicians of hostile country held their heads lower in front of the President for his endless generosity that embraces all people.

President Kim Il Sung is really the eternal Sun of mankind as he created the immortal great Juche idea that illuminates the path to be taken by the time, revolution and world’s progressive people and led the cause of global independence to brilliant victory.

KKF Member Qi Congzhong

April 2022

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