A Story of a Flyover

One early morning in April 1972, President Kim Il Sung was on a field guidance trip.

The following happened when his car was passing a factory. As it was rush hour, the workers of the factory were hastening their steps. Suddenly a train was coming up towards a level crossing with a loud whistle which interrupted the workers who were about to cross the junction.

At the sight of this Kim Il Sung let the car brought to a stop. He called the accompanying officials and said that he felt ill at ease to see the workers crossing the railway, urging them to build a good road for the workers so it would give no inconvenience to them.

Some days later on his return from his field guidance,

Kim Il Sung called an official and asked how the road was to be built.

The official said they planned to build an underground crossing and showed him the design he brought with him.

After examining the design for a while, Kim Il Sung was lost in deep thought, rather off colour.

The official was struck with dismay as he was confident that the design would not be approved, although the President was silent.

Seeing the official who was keeping his eyes on the design, Kim Il Sung said: We should not let trains run above the workers but rather build a flyover so that the workers can walk over railway.

Thus the design of the underpass was changed into the design of a flyover, with the result that a smart flyover was built. At rush hour the blessed workers wave towards whistling trains on the flyover.

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