Jongno Tour Gifts Shop

Situated in Changjon Street, Pyongyang, the Jongno Tour Gifts Shop has a restaurant consisting of a banquet hall capable of accommodating over 110 guests and dining rooms, a snack bar and gifts counter.

The restaurant serves tourists with Korean traditional dishes such as Pyongyang cold noodles, kimchi, mung-bean pancake and Onban, as well as world delicacies.

The gifts counter sells tens of kinds of Korea tour gifts including Pomhyanggi-brand cosmetics and Kaesong Koryo insam products.

Found around the shop are the Pyongyang Students and Children’s Palace, Foreign Bookstore and such tourist attractions as the Taedong Gate, Ryongwang Pavilion and Pyongyang Bell, which showcase the time-honoured history of Pyongyang.

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