Another Request

It was on July 22 Juche 88(1999) when an official took a foreign guest to an east coastal area as he was on a visit to the DPRK.

That day was his 60th birthday. So, our service workers were making arrangements to show their sincerity to him who had to mark his birthday in the DPRK far off from his country.

Checking the progress from early in the morning, the official received an unexpected phone call from Chairman Kim Jong Il.

When he was going to report his work with the guest, the Chairman asked first how it was going to celebrate his birthday.

Having heard him, the Chairman said that secretaries of the Party Central Committee were sent instead of him to celebrate his birthday and that he should let them see and convey his regards to the guest and hand him the torte and cognac he sent.

When he was going to finish his call, he added that he had another request and that they should prepare the lunch also for drivers taking on secretaries.

The drivers choked with deep emotion and couldn’t eat for a while though they sat at the table filled with foods. 

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