Cheers for Brilliant Commander Given in Thick Forests of Mt. Paektu are Heard Today

“Can a small nation defend himself on his own and make progress?”

Human history which went through the endless collapses of small and weak countries has raised this fatal question from a long time.

Who had given an answer to such serious question by building the powerful self-reliant revolutionary armed forces was President Kim Il Sung.

As he had found in arms the road to shaping the destiny of his nation and a key to victory in the revolution, the President declared the birth of the first Korean revolutionary armed forces in the thick forests of Mt. Paektu on April 25, 91 years ago.

It is inconceivable apart from the exploits made by the President who created the origin of revolutionary armed forces and opened up a new road to building the self-reliant national defense that the small country like the DPRK rose as a military power officially approved by the world while developing all sectors of revolution and construction.

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