Internet Lecture Meeting in Commemoration of the Day of Shining Star Held in Uganda

In commemoration of the 81st birth anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il, a lecture meeting entitled “Kim Jong Il, A Great Master of Independent Politics” was held on internet in Kampala, Uganda.

It was attended by more than 40 personalities from political, public and press circles including the president of the Uganda Association for Kim Il SungKim Jong Il Foundation, chairman of the Uganda National Executive Committee for Pan African Movement and vice-chairman of the Uganda National Committee for the Study of Juche Idea and the members of Uganda Association for the KKF.

Participants praised that His Excellency Kim Jong Il was a great master of true independent politics and thoroughly applied the Juche idea in revolution and construction.

They also stressed that international society is admiring the prominent personality of His Excellency Kim Jong Il as a great man who won a series of victory in safeguarding socialism with his thorough faith and audacious self-confidence and deeply recollecting his exploits as a great master of independent politics.

Applauding that His Excellency Kim Jong Il’s independent politics was still alive and displaying its vitality more than ever thanks to His Excellency Kim Jong Un, the participants pointed out that the world watched the highest military parade in celebration of the 75th founding anniversary of KPA, the history had never known, and realized again the DPRK was fairly taking the position of a superpower.

Also, saying that they came to know why the Western imperialists were afraid of the DPRK, they spoke in an excited tone that they would pay utmost respect and congratulation to His Excellency Kim Jong Un, the heroic KPA and Korean people and admire the Korean people who held in high esteem His Excellency Kim Jong Un, another great master of independent politics.

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