Field Guidance at Major Munitions Factories

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, gave field guidance at major munitions factories, including the factory producing the shells of large-calibre multiple launch rocket systems from August 3 to 5 to learn about the implementation of the core goal of the Party’s policy on munitions industry.

He was accompanied by Jo Yong Won, Kim Jae Ryong, Jo Chun Ryong, Kim Yo Jong and Pak Jong Chon.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was greeted by Kim Jong Sik, Hong Yong Chil and Kim Yong Hak, deputy directors of the Department of the Munitions Industry of the Party Central Committee, at the relevant factories, together with senior officials of the factories.

Inspecting the factory producing the shells of super-large multiple launch rocket systems, Kim Jong Un learned in detail about the recent modernization of technology and production lines achieved by the factory and its current production.

He highly praised the factory for having made great successes in the work to achieve the long-term goal of updating production lines assigned at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Party Central Committee and to build the capacity for producing a series of the shells of large-calibre multiple launch rocket systems he advanced during his field guidance at the factory on November 9 last year.

He expressed his great satisfaction over the fact that the Party’s policies are correctly implemented at the factory as it has enhanced the precision processing capability and realized automation by introducing new equipment and measuring devices on a large scale into the whole production lines to build the serial production capability for the shells of ultra-precision large-calibre multiple launch rocket systems and radically improved the labour environment conditions.

He said that the building of the capability to spin single propulsion tube true to the Party’s intention for unconditionally developing and introducing a horizontal power rotato-press working mill is worthy of great pride, which plays a key role in improving the quality of products by raising the level of modernization of production lines based on our own efforts and technology.

He repeatedly expressed his satisfaction that he was very pleased to see that various measuring devices have been introduced to ensure scientific accuracy in controlling the quality of shells and shorten the time for heat treatment of the propulsion tube and scientific and technological measures have been taken to increase productivity.

He also appreciated the fact that various scientific and technological measures have been taken to realize automation and precision at a high level so as to increase productivity while ensuring precision in the warhead and stable helm production lines, and the process of making and assembling launcher tubes and to introduce modern measuring devices.

He set forth the issues arising in the management of the factory and the important orientation of the national defence economic work, including the work to build the capacity for producing a series of new kinds of ammunition.

He stressed once again the important responsibility and duty the factory assumes in further rounding off the war preparations of the Korean People’s Army, clarifying the immediate tasks facing the model factory symbolic of the development and modernity of the national defence industry and ways for carrying out the long-term tasks.

He ardently appealed to the officials, workers, technicians and military inspectors of the factory to go all out for and commit themselves to the successful implementation of the grand national defence development strategy set forth by the Party Central Committee by creditably carrying forward the traditional and proud history of our defence industry which has safeguarded the Party and the revolution, the country and the people through munitions production with boundless loyalty and patriotism.

Kim Jong Un also guided on the spot the project for building a new light electrical appliance factory which will play a pacesetter role in modernizing the KPA.

After hearing the state of construction work and issues facing it, he gave important instructions and learned about the layout of production lines and capacity as a model factory of the modernized light electrical industry.

He set forth the orientation and ways for building the factory into a modern one as befits a core factory taking the lead in the munitions industry of the country.

Kim Jong Un also acquainted himself with the production of small arms of new series.

It is the most important and urgent matter in making war preparations to modernize small arms to be carried by the KPA frontline units and other units with a duty to wage an armed struggle behind the enemy lines in contingency in keeping with the changed aspect of war, he noted, expressing the determination of the Party Central Committee on the production and development orientation of the Korean-style powerful small arms.

Saying that lightening and concentration are the main core indices of the development and production of small arms, he advanced important tasks for producing small arms of new types and new calibres to satisfy the constitutional features of the KPA service personnel and combat performance.

He indicated a long-term production goal of the factory and the orientation of updating the production lines to this end.

Kim Jong Un went to the factory manufacturing the engines of strategic cruise missile and armed unmanned aerial vehicle, and set forth important tasks.

Noting that the factory has the lion’s share that cannot be carried out by other factories in technical refinement and serial production of the newly developed strategic weapons, he specified the ways for steadily increasing the performance and reliability of the engine, a key element in the composition of weapon system, and rapidly expanding its production capacity.

He stressed the need to simultaneously and thoroughly ensure the speed and quality and quantity in the production of engines by giving definite precedence to taking measures for supplying various kinds of materials necessary for manufacturing engines, adding that the factory should put the production lines on a modern, scientific and precise basis at a higher level and steadily improve the labour and production conditions and civilized living environment of the factory.

He requested the officials, workers and technicians of the factory to mass-produce various kinds of cutting-edge strategic weapon engines with their own efforts and technology by giving the fullest play to their creative wisdom and enthusiasm and thus make a great contribution to bringing about a revolution in developing the Korean-style new strategic weapons.

Kim Jong Un learned about the production of transporter-erector-launchers for major strategic weapons.

He familiarized himself in detail with the fulfillment of the plan the factory has carried out up to now for attaining the immediate production goal of a strategic missile TEL set forth by the Party Central Committee and its long-term production.

Stressing once again the pivotal role of the factory in implementing the military strategy of the Party Central Committee, he highly appreciated the fact that the factory has built a solid foundation for production and dynamically pushed ahead with the production of TELs by concentrating efforts on updating production lines and increasing production capacity in line with the intention of the Party which set the production of large-sized TELs as the most important undertaking for bolstering up the national defence capability.

The key to the development of the defence industry lies in giving the fullest play to the mental strength of the workers in the munitions industry, he said, underlining the need to actively help them display their distinguished patriotism and fighting spirit with heavy responsibility and mission of being directly responsible for the munitions production in the most important work for bolstering up the country’s defence capability, and to show close concern for providing them with good living conditions.

Upon receiving the great trust and direct instructions of Kim Jong Un, the officials, workers and technicians of the major munitions factories firmly pledged to make redoubled efforts and thus faithfully uphold the revolutionary cause of the Workers’ Party of Korea with rapid successes in the war preparations of the Korean People’s Army and in the development and production of Juche-based ultra-modern strategic weapons, once again aware of the important mission and duty of defending the outpost of bolstering up the national defence capabilities.


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