Crown Daisy General Manager Favored

On December 28 Juche 45(1956), President Kim Il Sung had a consultative meeting in the office of general manager of the Kangson Steel Works in the morning and went to his house for lunch.

The President went in and sat freely in a modest room and asked him if he liked crown daisy. He replied soon with no definite idea he liked them.

Then pointing to his car in the yard, the President said that there would be a plenty of them in the car. So he soon looked out of the window and saw his adjutant entering with plenty of fresh crown daisy in a basket.

For him it was really surprising to see fresh crown daisy in severe winter cold, but what made him more surprised was that the President had known his appetite.

He did not know that the President had watched him eating crown daisy more nicely than any other foods during his visit to a foreign country with him and never forgotten his appetite even after many years.

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