Fairest Estimation

Whenever the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sees something done for the good of people and structures to be provided for them, he always asks a question.

Do people like it?

The following happened when Kim Jong Un visited Changsong Restaurant during his guidance trip to different sectors in Changsong County in June Juche 102 (2013).

Noting that officials of the restaurant have made a great progress, he stressed the need for them to continue to develop, not resting on their laurels. Then, he made his way to dining hall No. 1 on the ground floor.

Looking round it, he expressed his regret as there were no crowds taking meals in the dining halls.

After learning about the operation of the restaurant and the people’s feedback, he expressed satisfaction at the fact that the locals liked it. He continued as follows: The people’s opinion is the fairest estimation of the work done by officials. No other estimation is desired than their appraisal. Officials should do everything to be favoured by the people.

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