Benevolent Father of People

This year floods and typhoons hit the DPRK in succession.

One of the afflicted residents replied when asked what came into his head first when he lost his home: “It was the conviction that the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un would save us.”

He was right. Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was the first to visit the stricken areas, took urgent measures to stabilize the living of flood victims and roused the whole country to the reconstruction campaign for building better houses in those areas.

The spokesman and politburo member of the Workers` Party for the Independence of Senegal, who was attracted by the noble personality of the DPRK leader as a great man, said that although many countries suffered huge natural disasters this year, they could not even mention any measures for restoration. Only His Excellency Kim Jong Un inspected the afflicted areas and made prompt measures, he noted, adding he boundlessly respects the DPRK leader, who sincerely grieves over the suffering of his people, as the most outstanding statesman in the world. 

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